Basketball World cup Winners

Source International Basketball Federation(FIBA)
Date05 Apr 2015

FIBA Basketball World Cup was known as the FIBA World Championship from 1950 to 2010. Total 17 championships has been held the inaugural tournament in 1950. The most recent FIBA World Cup 2014 was won by USA, who beat Serbia 129-92 to win their fifth World Cup title. France won bronze medal. The next FIBA World Cup will be held in 2019.

Yugoslavia and USA have won five golds each, followed by Soviet Union with three golds. Two times Brazil has won Championship, while Argentina and Spain has won one times. Three hosts has won gold medal : Argentina (1950), Brazil (1963) and Yugoslavia (1970). Two hosts has won Silver : Brazil (1954) and Turkey (2010). Total six different teams has won gold medal. 16 teams has won at least one medal in FIBA world cup.

36 (70.59%) out of 51 medals, has been won by four teams, USA (12), Yugoslavia (10), Soviet Union (8) and Brazil (6).

14 countries has hosted the tournament. Brazil, Argentina and Spain has hosted has hosted two times each. Argentina hosted the inaugural FIBA World Cup in 1950. World Cup 2014 was hosted by Brazil. Next World Cup will held in Asia (China or Philippines) in 2019.

NoCountryGoldSilverBronze Total
1USA53 412
2Yugoslavia53 210
3Soviet Union33 28
4Brazil22 26
5Argentina11 02
6Spain10 01
7Russia02 02
8Greece01 01
9Turkey01 01
10Serbia01 01
11Chile00 22
12Croatia00 11
13Germany00 11
14Lithuania00 11
15Philippines00 11
16France00 11
Total17 171751
basketball world cup winners, runner up and medals
YearHostGoldSilver Gold medal gameBronzeTotal Teams
1963BrazilBrazilYugoslavia90-71Soviet Union13
1967UruguaySoviet UnionYugoslavia71-59Brazil13
1970YugoslaviaYugoslaviaBrazil80-55Soviet Union13
1974Puerto RicoSoviet UnionYugoslavia82-79USA14
1978PhilippinesYugoslaviaSoviet Union82-81Brazil14
1982ColombiaSoviet UnionUSA95-94Yugoslavia13
1986SpainUSASoviet Union87-85Yugoslavia24
1990ArgentinaYugoslaviaSoviet Union92-75USA16